While you’re enjoying break from work, who’s watching your network? Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean you’re free from security breaches, system errors, and more. Read our six-part series to learn how you can ensure your data is safe while you and your employees take time off from your business.

Over time, businesses have slowly added more and more communication tools to their arsenal. What started as in-person talks, turned to phone conversations, email, and now many other options including video chat and communicating within the same cloud-based document. In order to keep it organized, you need unified collaboration. This is especially important during the summer months, as employees take vacation or work remotely.

Managed unified collaboration services help find the right solution for your business, including massively scalable Over The Top (OTT) and cloud-based unified communication tools. You can enjoy around-the-clock infrastructure monitoring including voice/IP telephony, voicemail, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), instant messaging, multi-media conferencing, telepresence, and contact center, as well as support for connectivity and business analytics. Thanks to the cloud, communication doesn’t have to stop when someone leaves the office.

Maybe your business needs an innovative video call center to seamlessly connect employees, customers, company representatives, support staff, and more. This can streamline communication and keep the team together, even while operating in different parts of the world.

Managing your communication options can become overwhelming. You need a reliable team to maintain and organize your unified collaboration, so your employees are educated on the latest technology and processes.

With unified collaboration, you aren’t restricted if an employee needs to work remotely, or someone else takes a vacation. An organized system helps your business operate as usual, wherever and whenever the team needs to work. The cloud allows these services to work in synchrony, with an effortless suite of communication tools to help grow your business.

Updated communication tools allow you to empower everyone in your business, no matter where they are located, anywhere in the world—by giving them all the same powerful communications assets. Support remote, mobile, and traveling workers by providing them all with powerful streamlined tool sets and avoid the risk of losing a sale due to communication errors with a customer. Custom solutions allow you to connect every time, using the customer’s preferred communication methods.

As a business owner, you don’t want to worry that everything will fall apart if you take time off. Managed unified collaboration services offer network diversity, routing fail-over, 24/7 network monitoring, proactive notifications, dual provisioning and load balancing so you can enjoy peace of mind. Should an error occur, your team will know who to contact to get things up and running again.

Technology is constantly changing, and it can be a challenge to stay up to date on the latest innovations. Your business can stay on the cutting edge when you rely on the experts to update your communication tools as necessary. Plus, you can enjoy a system that grows with you, as your needs change. A team of experts can easily adapt your conferencing network for high-quality, reliable communication applications.

With unified collaboration, you can stay in communication with your team and your customers all season long. No longer are you restricted to traditional methods, which can be difficult to use if employees are traveling or out of the office. Everyone can work seamlessly toward the business’ goals with the latest collaboration services. Enjoy your summer while growing your business by updating your communication system.