Increase employee engagement and productivity

Cloud computing revolutionizes business collaboration, driven by Microsoft Office 365 Business—an empowering suite for SMBs. This cost-effective solution, utilizing Microsoft’s powerful online tools, fosters seamless communication and collaboration. Leverage cloud-based capabilities for time and cost savings, optimizing resources. Microsoft Office 365 Business integrates with Exchange Online, OneDrive, and Teams, streamlining workflows. Ditch traditional tools, and embrace remote access and seamless data sharing.

Benefits of Microsoft 365:

  • Get More Done – to your email, documents, contacts and calendars on any web-enabled device.

  • Work better together – Collaborate, share, and communicate with flexible tools that go where your team goes.

  • Safeguard your data – Help protect your company against external threats and leaks with built-in privacy and compliance tools.

  • Pans for all business needs – Office 365 is available in a variety of service families and plans to meet the needs of your unique organization.

  • Anywhere, Anytime Access – You will have anywhere, anytime access to your e-mail, documents, contacts and calendars on nearly any web-enabled device.

  • Freedom – from the hassles associated with vendor liaison, contracts, licensing and communication. We will gladly take care of all these details for you.

Familiar products with top level support

DART Tech’s implementation and support of Microsoft Business 365 offer business-class features that include guaranteed 99.9% uptime and recovery services backed by Microsoft.

Continue working with the Microsoft family of programs you are familiar with, knowing that we are here to help you anytime, anywhere, via your internet connection.

We focus on technology solutions so you can focus on your clients.