The construction industry is one of the most information-intensive industries, as a major construction process requires extensive exchange of data and information between the project’s participants regularly.

Construction companies utilize many applications to run their businesses. That’s why DART carefully analyzes the business requirement of each company to provide the desired outcome for its specific infrastructure needs. Firms in these industries typically adopt a hybrid solution where some of the applications are hosted in a cloud while others are kept in-house. DART designs and builds these solutions to be fully integrated and seamless – thereby providing team members with the opportunity to be productive rather than worrying about where or how things are setup.

IoT, AI, and 3D rendering are an invaluable part of the smart building lifecycle, even before the building comes to fruition. On construction sites, companies must prioritize employee safety while ensuring the job is completed on time and with the utmost quality. DART offers solutions that provide a variety of services that come together to help construction companies onboard devices that can inform them about their site, model their physical world, and visualize data in the right context.

Here are some of the most accommodating forms of information technology for the construction industry:

If your company wants to secure your data and make your applications available to your team.  Contact us to learn how Dyrand Solutions can improve your productivity.

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