Ways_to_Maintain_Producti_72221_136209In today’s workplace, one thing that is almost a certainly is the need to stay in the productivity loop while you are traveling or working from a remote location. Many options exist for you and your staff to remain in touch while one or more team members are either on the move or located away from the office. As productivity software and apps evolve, you cannot afford to be behind the learning curve. Take a look through the following practical and creative ideas that will keep key individuals accessible and effective in their collaboration even when away from the office.

Research and Implement Useful Applications

When you and other members of your team are scattered, a review of the many applications available is key to making working remotely productive. Take care of a wide range of tasks through easy to find and download apps, including those that help with scheduling, booking airlines and other travel and checking on the weather. Manage language barriers and find effective ways to tele- or video-conference. Smartphones are the platform for many of these apps, although tablets and laptops can also work with these applications.

Work Within The Cloud

Whether your business decides to work with a cloud based service that designs a system just for you and your team or if you decide to collaborate through existing platforms such as Google Docs, DropBox or Office 365, using cloud technology is essential to the traveling executive. Being able to read and edit in real time and fold in a communicative piece, through chat or video conferencing, will make your joint efforts seamless and permit a thorough vetting of all ideas no matter where the partners in a project are located.

Collaborate Clearly And Communicate Simply

Although working collaboratively through the cloud and apps is exciting and can be very productive, sometimes a quick phone call or text can clarify more and be more efficacious. When you do use other applications to speak with the home office, be sure that the method is straightforward and does not require much technology or training. Intuitive collaboration and communication are necessary to keep things simple on your end as well when touching base with others in your business. Fortunately the evolution of the tools that make remote working possible and profitable continues, offering new possibilities and improving established ones constantly.

Be Mindful Of Security

While communicating and collaborating on a remote basis, you and your company must incorporate effective and efficient safety measures to ensure your communications and joint efforts do not put your company in any sort of danger. It is also important that you and the others on your team take common sense precautions as you move ahead. Be sure you are monitoring emails and social media when out and about even more closely when you are working from a hotel room, airport waiting room or coffee shop. Everything from a conference call to a group meeting online can be fraught with potential danger. Use the protocols your company has designed to keep all under your watchful eye.